Saturday, March 29, 2008

If I had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars, I’d really set up a beautiful school. This school is a children’s paradise. Every kid could very happy to learn and live. This school is a teacher’s fairyland. Everyone could harmonious with them colleagues and they could make an excellence team. This school is my family. I could come true my dream: Enjoy work! Enjoy love! Enjoy life!

If I had a million dollars, I’d probably go to circumnavigation. From Egypt’s pyramids to Athens Olympiad Site, from Central America’s Maya Civilization to Hanging Gardens of Babylon, from tropical rainforest to Antarctic glacier…I will travel the scenic spots and historical sites from all parts of the world, I will experience different life.

If I had a million dollars, I want to endow some children that can't go to school because them poverty. I think they will carry the schoolbag to go to the school as other children, they will experience the happy study and life, and they will enjoy bright study time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’m living in Missoula

I’m living in Missoula, because I’m studying in the University of Montana.

I was been here for three weeks. I’m living in an apartment. There are three rooms and a kitchen in my Missoula home. I cook every day. In the morning, I have some bread and jam for breakfast. And I always make a sandwich for my lunch.After classes, I go back home. In the evening, sometimes I cook some Chinese food for dinner. I like shrimp, rice, egg and vegetable. It’s a nice time when I eat dinner by myself.

I’m studying in three teachers’ English classes. In the morning, it’s Robert’s classes. I like his classes because there are seven students in his class and he speaks slowly, so I can understand. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, it’s Julie’s classes. I like her classes too. Because, she’s always play some games with us. So we’re happy in her classes. On Monday and Wednesday afternoon, it’s Lee Ann’s classes. I think that it’s so different for me. Because there are many students that English is very well in our classes.

On weekends, I often go out to dinner, watch basketball games, watch plays, hear concerts and go to parties with my mentor and her friends. It’s a fun time for me.

Missoula is a beautiful city. I like it. I enjoy living here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The First Party I Attended

In Missoula, my first party was Oscar’s night.

It's was Sunday's night. In my mentor's house, everybody wear glamorous dress or suit and make up.

Every family bring some food to party. So we have too many sandwiches, cake, bread, fruit and drinks.

When the Oscar celebration began on TV, everyone sat in front of the TV and take a piece of guessing game paper. When a prize was announced, the winner was very happy. Because, everyone put 5 dollars in a big box before the guessing game began. So after all the guessing game, the winner got all the dollars.

I was a photographer for this party. I took many beautiful pictures for this party. I had fun this night.

My Circle Of Friends

I have many friends that I grew up with. we're love and help to each other.

Cecily is my oldest friend who I met her at my kindergarten. We’re been through a lot together. I can tell her just about anything. She's just someone I can totally trust.

Jian is a friend from my Teacher School. He likes an older brother care for me. I always play with him and other friends. We enjoy fishing, dinner, climbing, singing and travel. We can relax after work together.

I have tow closest friend that from I was a teacher at the first school. We have same hobby that like shopping, talking and eating. So we would get together about once a month until today that we are not be colleagues with each other.

Coco is an interesting woman who has an exciting life. Because, she is a reporter. She can meet many different people in her work. She still talks a lot about the things she's doing. That's kind of fun.

From these friends, I met many new friends. My life becomes very bright.

Enjoy friendship! Enjoy life!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Chinese Wedding

Chinese wedding is very national.

Certainly, Chinese special ceremony and Chinese clothing, foods and music play a big role.

For example, in Chinese wedding, red is the main color because red represents good luck in Chinese tradition. The bride often wears a red dress and the top still has a piece of red silk kerchief. The groom often wears a red long jacket and a hat with a red flower.

The wedding ceremony has a fixed formula. The first is make three bows. The groom and the bride have to make a deep bow to the sky and the earth. The second bow is to their parents.

And the last bow is the bride and the groom bow to each other.

Then the festivities begin. All guests can taste the delicious foods by the Chinese national music.

After the ceremony, the husband and his wife are sent into the nuptial chamber. Making the nuptial chamber is the high point of the wedding. The couple must play some games with their families and friends. A national wedding is end in a mirthful laugh.

All in all, a Chinese wedding has national characteristics and is different from wedding in the west.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Chinese noodles

If you visit China, you should try some of Chinese traditional noodles. People often eat them on their birthday. Because, in China, eating noodles means you can live longer.

In my hometown--Hangzhou, there're many famous noodle shops near the West Lake. I like one among these. Its name is Kuiyuan Guan. There are many kinds of noodles you can choose from. For example, people like fried shrimp and moray eel on the noodles, and they also like sauted pickled vegetables and bamboo shoots on the noodles.

If you have a birthday party in a noodle shop, you can taste a noodle banquet. Many kinds of noodles wait you!