Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake

I saw Flathead Lake with my mentor last month. It’s a beautiful place.

My mentor drove from Missoula to Flathead Lake for two hours. There are many great houses near the Flathead Lake. My mentor has a big house close to the lake. We walked to the lake. There was much snow on the mountains around the lake. Flathead Lake was blue, the trees were just yellow and the snow was white. Together, it was very pretty. There were many birds flying in the sky. And some people were playing golf near the lake.

I think this is a nice place. If I had a house here, I’d probably do my research here, because it’s a very quiet place.

My mentor told me, “Flathead Lake will be most beautiful in summer!”

I’m going to go to Flathead Lake in summer again. I want to play in the lake. It will be fun!

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